im grizfragment or griz or any word that ends with "ment"


grizfragment#6666 (if u dont find me here's my ID: 398993160451129354)

trans she/her 18y intj

i am music, games, watermelon and anything that im obsessed at the moment

i draw sometimes (shitty art)

favorite friuts are watermelon and cherry

i like almost all kinds of /core/ like glitchcore or rainbowcore

spotify twitter instagram facebook steam

eng/esp/progresing in jap

i like:


alien 9, happy sugar life, high socre girl, mahou shoujo site, mob psycho, sora no otoshimono, serial experiments lain and madoka magika

movies and series

American psycho, Prisoners, Better call saul and lover of psychological horror things

anime related games

all guilty gear, the neco arc funny game(melty blood), muse dash, bazblue and persona 4 & 5


hexd, cloud rap, nightcore, cloud rap, breakcore, screamo, anything thats hardcore\EDM, alt rock (really anything


utsu-p, kairiki bear, crusher-p and any vocaloid shit that sounds good or goofy, Y3LL, goreshit aero gros m, armpit termites,nanoray and t+pazolite

all kinds of games

guilty gear strive, muse dash or osu or almost any rythym game (that im not good at), sonic and all kind of multiplayer games that i can play with my frens

also some shooters like r6 or doom eternal and also i love all kind of fighting games

other stuff

low resolution media, hatsune miku or any art that is about my kinnies (i'll link a image of my kins)

down here some of my frens and webrings